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If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or know a survivor of sexual abuse, welcome.  This blog has tons of resources, so click around.  Feel free to leave supportive comments to other survivors or to post your story, but if you do leave a comment, please leave out any details of the abuse.   I believe that many of my readers so not want to see sexual or abuse details, details can be traumatizing.

Tons of people come explore my blog each month, so you are not alone and you can heal.

If you want to feel less alone, watching my play “An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night” has helped tons of survivors and given them hope.  So if you donate whatever you want, you will get a link to watch my story.

I would like to thank you for your support in advance.  By donating and watching my story, you are not only supporting this blog but you are supporting yourself and the people you care about.

Reviews and Quotes for “An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night”
This play has toured coast to coast in the United States and Canada

“Absolutely brilliant, touching and a healing piece of theatre.” -Rob Becker, “Defending the Caveman”

“Brilliant! Excellent acting!  I had a lump in my throat the entire time.” -Sunday Telegraph

“Strong accessible presence and charismatic grace…” -Edward Shapiro, Back Stage West

“This play is a gift in all respects” -Jessica Lim, Vue Magazine

“Marschak play on sexual abuse opens the doors to healing, recovery” – Leslie Brefeld, Summit Daily News

“a moving testament of hope for survivors of incest” -Richard Helm, Edmonton Journal

“Although the material is distressing, Marschak uses humor and some involving dialogue to take the audience on a journey that touches on studying ballet, being an unemployed actress in Los Angeles and searching for rare and exotic desserts (all the better to mask her feelings with).” – J. M. Sullivan, The Evening Telegram (St. John’s)

“I found this play so satisfying because although the actress is now an adult, it is like a child telling on a parent and hoping to be believed.  This play should help all those who have withstood abuse and all those who care about these survivors to understand their emotional toil.  An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night is an extremely honest portrayal of how one woman grew up with incest and came to survive it with courage and creativity…deals with an intensely sensitive subject without being consumed by melodrama.  Highly recommended.”  -Dagmar Hansen, The Craig, (Victoria Fringe Festival)

“This is a brave production of poetry and prose animated by a courageous survivor.  Amy has managed to cross the threshold of silence…in this personable piece which moves any living breathing person into a deep place of compassion.  A unique experience at the Fringe!” -Stephanie Savage, The Craig, (Victoria Fringe Festival)

“What a show!  I cannot imagine an actress performing this better than Amy Marschak.  Her multiple portraits were so captivating, I had a hard time remembering she was one person…The changes were done with dead on accuracy–holding the audience through the entire show…An absolute must–see.”  Fiona Pluridge, The Jenny Review, (Winnipeg Fringe Festival)

“Beautifully crafted show and performance.  The artist deftly danced with a heavy theme giving it just the right balance of gravity and weightlessness.  Theater with depth and emotion.  I was very happy I went.” Jennifer Lennon, Boulder International Fringe Review

“The most moving and empowering show I have ever seen!  Warm, heartbreaking, healing powerfully and honestly acted.  LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!” -Emily Anderson Saavedra, Boulder International Fringe Review

“This was a truly moving experience…Ms. Marschak tells her story with such honesty and genuine presence that it is difficult not to appreciate bearing witness to her personal process.  Unlike other shows…this is just a human story laid bare, and all the more powerful for it’s simplicity.” -Digable, Boulder International Fringe Review

“WOW!  Well written, well performed powerful subject.  Now this is a exquisitely portrayed one woman show!!” -Mad Scientist, Boulder International Fringe Review

“It was moving in it’s simplicity.  I especially recommend this show to those who have been sexually violated.  I found the material working in my unconscious days after seeing it.” Christa, Boulder International Fringe Review

“Well written and performed, a journey of reclamation.” Diane Renz, Boulder International Fringe Review

“An intimate and candid account of one persons journey, in making sense of the madness and secrecy of generations of incest.  We laughed and cried, ad the performance brought up all kinds of memories of my own.” -Push M, Boulder International Fringe Review

“Pick of the Week; We also recommend” for three months -LA Weekly

“Her performance is both cleaver and nuanced under the direction of Don Tapia…” -John Coulbourn, The Toronto Sun

“The only show which has some raison d’entre is An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night…Her struggle to recover memories is honest and moving…It’s well acted and heartfelt but covers all-too familiar territory.  And what does this say about the society we live in?” -Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

Link to Omaha Public Radio Interview for: An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night

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