Driving Back from Grandma’s House Poem

I remember when I was little
We would be coming home
From grandma’s house
And I couldn’t take being in the car anymore
So I would look at the dew drops on the window
And let my eyes blur
So I could see the rainbows in them
And I would go to another place
I don’t remember where it was anymore
But it was a safe place.

4 thoughts on “Driving Back from Grandma’s House Poem

  1. hey! I met you at the poetry slam last night! I wasn’t even looking for your website but I was having trauma flashbacks to my cousin molesting me for 5 years and was wondering if it even was abuse. I can’t believe that I stumbled upon you only one day later! I honestly think this was a sign from god that i need to watch your play because I can’t even stand being in my own skin sometimes… I never knew that incest was abuse and I always thought that just because it was consensual and wasn’t technically rape that I would be the one getting in trouble for it. not him. even though it was ALWAYS his idea. but anyways, I’m gonna watch your play. I’m so happy i found this i really am.

    1. Hi Madison,

      I am so sorry about my delayed response, I’ve been traveling and not keeping up on the blog and respond the way I want to. That is a huge coincidence, have you watched my play and if so was it helpful?

      It is so sad that our society minimizes incest frequently making a joke of it and making survivors of abuse feel like it was their fault. The other questions that I need to ask is do you have any idea who molested you cousin and did that same perpetrator also have access to you? Incest is rape. The confusing part of sexual assault is that sometimes even though the body is being violated, the survivor’s body can respond but that does not change that it is rape.

      I am glad you found this, please feel free to post an update on how you are doing.

  2. One of my few early memories was always staring at the wall paper in my room until it went fuzzy and then 3D. I also remember rainbows pouring down from the ceiling. I used to think it was odd that I didn’t have any memories of my childhood except these hallucinations but now, in retrospect, I understand that they were clues…breadcrumbs to lead my mind back to remembering what I couldn’t bear to then.

    1. Hi Krystal,

      I really appreciate your comment, it sounds like you have done a bunch of healing. Would you be interested in sharing some of your experiences healing?


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