I wanted to reach out to all survivors who have spoken out and told their stories and to those who realize that they are survivors but have remained silent.  All survivors have the right to heal, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, country of origin, regardless of anything. So where to start?  Not keeping

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I really like these affirmations and although they are written for male survivors, I think they can be helpful for female survivors also. These affirmations are taken from http://www.malesurvivor.org (written halfway down the frontpage on this website) “10 Daily Affirmations for Male Survivors” by Dr. Howard Fradkin  Recovery is absolutely possible and achievable for me.

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“Healing may result in forgiveness but forgiveness does not bring healing,
it only covers over the wounds allowing them to fester.”
 -An Advocate for Abuse Survivors

I am frequently asked but others, have you forgiven your dad?  Sometimes I am even asked that question before people ask me how I am doing now?  Have I healed?  Am I living well?  Many people equate forgiving my dad to healing.  I find this way of thinking…